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Title 13 Topic Map Browser: Census

See also the labels: Census, Business, Census Administration, Census Offenses, Census Statistics, Censuses, Cotton, Penalties, and Statistics.

Additional notes on court decisions that have interpreted the related section or one of its parts of this Title 13 are found in this US Court platform.

Further General Information on Title 13

Substantive statutory material are often placed in the note area of a closely related section of a positive law title of the Code (and sometimes a non-positive law title) rather than its own section since Congress did not actually amend the title (or perhaps the Act the Code section pertains). Reviser notes and citations to former sections (historical notes) of the U.S. Code are generally included in the note area following each section of all titles that have been enacted into positive law (including this title 13 of the Code), with information on added and replaced words and phrases or deletions.

Information on the U.S. Code Sections:

  • A parenthetical note directly follows each section of the U.S. Code and contains the source citations to each section’s statutory derivation including the original statute and any subsequent amendatory statutes. The original statute to a section of a Code title that has been enacted into positive law is usually the enactment making the title positive law, not prior laws to it. Citations to statutes after 1956 will include its public law number, pertinent statutory section and Statutes At Large volume and page number.
  • Amendment notes explaining how each amendatory statute changed a section or when certain subsections were added to it or subtracted from it. The notes are organized by year in reverse chronological order. The explanations will not be present for statutes before 1926 (when the Code was enacted) or for prior statutes to sections of a title of the Code that has been enacted as positive law. Base statute for those sections is usually the enactment making the title positive law.
  • Other notes may explain references in the text to statute titles and sections that are assigned to different chapters and sections in this US Code.






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