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About the US Code Portal

The US Code Portal is a comprehensive online legal resource on the United States (federal) Code. In this reference site, you will find complete copies of the United States Code, as well as the relevant regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations, cross-references to the American Encyclopedia of Law, Court Rules and other resources. The US Code Portal also includes converted versions of the TMEP and MPEP (the office manuals created by the United States Trademark and Patent Offices, respectively). Each of these documents include cross-refernces to the relevant statutory and regulatory sections. Finally, the US Portal contains custom written descriptions and annotated case law.

While some of this information is available elsewhere online, the goal of the US Portal of the Encyclopedia of Law is to bring this information together, in an organized and inter-linked format.

Indexes and Finding Aids

This set also features detailed indexes with thousands of entries not found anywhere else, coverage of relevant cases construing the text of the USCA®, the full text of selected regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations, and court rules.

The Features include:

  • Annual General Index covers all laws, general and permanent, enacted through the most recent Congressional session
  • Historical notes assist in locating sources and determining the effect of various sections and their amendments
  • Cross-references to related and qualifying laws helps to ensure accurate and complete legal research
  • The topical index to annotations assists in selecting relevant cases
  • Library References provide references to the legal Encyclopedias and other platforms.

The U.S. Code Platform includes the following:

  • Amendments and enactments for the statutes and for the CFR appendices
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date Notes of Decisions to help you interpret the law
  • Important prefatory and explanatory material at the beginning of each Title of the U.S. Code.

The Indexes and the General Index

Included in the U.S. Code Platform are several indexes and a General Index. These indexes have been expanded to cover all laws of a general and permanent nature enacted through Public Law 106–580 of the 106th Congress, Second Session (2000). All provisions of the Code, the
Federal Constitution, rules governing court procedure, local rules for the U.S. Court of Appeals for each of the eleven circuits, as well as certain pertinent administrative body regulations are indexed. Executive Orders, Proclamations and Reorganization Plans affecting the general and permanent laws have also been covered by references.

Please, note that:

  • While this US Code Platform offers access to court rules within the body of the code, the court rules court rules are located in separate subdomaines.
  • While this US Code Platform does not publish uncodified legislation, the Lawi Project does, in separate subdomaines.
  • While this US Code Platform follows the text of the U.S. Code, the legislation subdomain, in general, follows the text of public laws as they appear in the session laws.
  • This US Code Platform has references to legal topics, indexes and our classification.
  • This US Code Platform has a Research Guide with citations to other platforms or documents.

About the Encyclopedia of Law Project

Written by legal professionals and academics for legal professionals and the public. It is a hub of advice for the public, legal professionals and students at all career stages. The sites reach more than 1,000,000 unique visitors per month.

Reference Work

The Encyclopedia of Law is an ambitious, long-term intellectual endeavor that we intend will deliver increasing legal information and solutions over the years and decades to come.

With a world-class team and participation in the legal and other fields, the goal of the Encyclopedia of Law is to create a reference work that will stand as a major milestone of 21st century intellectual achievement.

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